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The Langdon Wood Story

It won’t change your life, but it will change your pancakes.

It won’t change your life, but it will change your pancakes.

It all began with  Grade ‘A’ Medium Pennsylvania maple syrup and carefully age it in a barrel recently used to age Rye whiskey. The barrels come to us from Cactoctin Creek Distilling Company in northern Virginia.

We have discontinued our barrel aged maple syrup, but our award-winning hot sauce will return!


LIMITED EDITION Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup - Brooklyn Edition
Langdon Wood Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup is was born when a man asked his wife a question:

“So what do you think would happen if I put maple syrup in that mini-barrel we just aged whiskey in?”

Is the barrel that small…or could it be a GIANT RABBIT?

Need a little more back story?

Okay, so this guy — Art Drauglis —makes stuffReally good stuff.  One day he and his wife, Ketzirah, were visiting Copper Fox Distillery and he saw they had mini barrels and cask strength spirits for fun at-home aging.  Needless to say, he had to try it out.  The whiskey experiment was awesome but then he got to thinking…

“You know, I’ve seen these people do bourbon barrel-aged maple syrup — but they ship barrels from Kentucky and syrup from Vermont all the way to California — and then ship the product back all over the country.  I wonder if could do a locavore version?”

After a little experiment in the mini-cask, Langdon Wood was born.

We found a local distillery who felt like selling us a barrel, Cactocin Creek Distilling Company, and they’ve remained our partner ever since.  Our first batch of syrup came from a friend’s maple farm, and now we’re getting our syrup from Millroy Farms in Western Pennsylvania.

So What’s with the Name?

We wanted to make sure the name kept the locavore style of the product, so we explored a ridiculous amount of names, and finally landed on Langdon Wood.  They (we) live in Washington, DC — right near Langdon Park — which is where the “Landgon” part came from.  Since Art is a woodworker by trade, and the syrup comes from trees and is aged in wood barrels…we ended up with “wood” as the second word of the name!

Our Namesake Park



Trusty Shop Assistant

Who makes this Amazing Stuff?

Technically the people who make Langdon Wood are Art Drauglis and his lovely wife, Ketzirah Lesser.  Needless to say the folks at Cactocin Creek certainly help out by making their awesome rye whiskey and selling us the barrels and then selling the syrup!  The folks at Millroy Farms do a lot of work tapping the trees and making the syrup.  I suppose we also should mention our shop assistant Olaf, who often adds his talents to our photographs, and our former shop assistants Henrietta and Millie who also still appear from time to time.  (Yes. They are rabbits)

We also need to give a big shout-out to Anastasia Vullis, our graphic designer.  She is the amazing talent behind our logo and labels.